My Role:

Product Designer


UX/UI design, User Research, Prototyping, Product Ideation


June-September 2020 (4 months)

Tools Used

Sketch, Figma

The summer of 2019, I interned remotely at the startup OffWeGo working on their mobile app  

The Company

OffWeGo is a student-centric risk management startup focused on improving the safety of student's studying abroad. Their product's goal is to incentivizes students to report key travel data through a social network of abroad students, while providing them with top-notch safety resources from OffWeGo's partners

Design Problem

Due to Covid-19 OffWeGo's pilot study was cancelled for their version one product. Also due to the pandemic study abroad has been suspended indefinitely so how do you keep moving forward with the product while adapting to the current study abroad and travel climate?

My goal was to tackle this problem in three steps:

1. User Research - How do our users feel about the current travel situation as well as our product? What pay structure would work with our users?

2. Product/feature ideation - does the product need to pivot or can we simply re-design features?

3. UI design - what can I design to be user tested during the next round of research?

I would love to share more about my experience, however, due to an NDA I am limited on sharing publicly. If you would like to know more please email me to request designs or if you just want to chat more! 

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