Passion Projects

This is a collection of the more abstract artistic works I have done over the years. My art focuses on telling stories through emotion and human interactions. Each project showcases my exploration of a different side of me. Enjoy!

Woofr (Fall 2020)

A project looking at the legal lines of trademark law when it comes to interface design. My goal was to create a legally grey work, that could be argued illegal or legal based on different past cases.

The application I created, woofr, uses the same look and feel as Tinder but uses dogs to create a parody of a dating app. 

Conversations @ NYU Sydney (Fall 2019)

 A podcast interviewing Petronella Vaarzon Morel, a leading anthropologist in Australia,  on the history of tourism and the aboriginal people of the Northern Territory

The challenge for this podcast was to keep the audience interested in the complexities of topic while providing the necessary history and background for the listeners to understand. 

Listen Here

Musical Chairs (Spring 2019)

Tools used: Arduino

This project was focused on how to create music through abnormal interactions with the world around you. Through the use of pressure sensors in the chair the User can create music by shifting their weight.  This provides an interesting and unique way for people to interact with inanimate objects. 

Night out (Spring 2018)

Tools used: Canon Rebel T6i, Adobe Premiere Pro

This project was inspired by a combination of short films that only use music, simple noises and visuals to build suspense while also telling a clear story. I love the effect that stories have on people and the emotions that can be portrayed through a good story.  

Virtual Drum Set with Xbox Kinect (Spring 2017)

Tools Used: Kinect, processing, Abelton Live, Kinectar

This project was inspired by my love for music and new technologies. It was also the first project I ever did combining technology and art expression as well as my first time ever coding. For this project I had a drummer friend of mine consistently testing the sensitivity and motion triggers to see how a trained drummer would interact with this interface.

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