My Role:

Product Designer


UX/UI design, User Research, Prototyping, Product Ideation



Tools Used

Figma, Maze

How can we make it easier for middle aged adults to start an instrument?  

Design Problem

It is often thought that if you don’t learn a musical instrument when you are younger than you have missed your opportunity. This is not true. The obstacles when you are older are just different. One of the greatest obstacles is having the motivation to be consistent with practicing since adult lives are so busy. 

This project comes from exploring music education for middle aged adults and the obstacles that occur when you try to start an instrument in this stage of life.

What is 2Score?

It is a mobile app designed to assist 35 to 65 year olds with building good practice habits. The app takes advantage of the psychology behind a person’s desire to maintain a streak in order to build a habit.  The app tracks musical playing progress, allows the user to internally reflect on their practice through reflection entries and thus, users can see their progress over long periods of time.

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My Process

User Research

Expert Interviews

I talked to experts in music education, Dalcroze method and Music technology

Diary Study

I conducted a two week diary study with middle aged adults who are beginner musicians so that I could understand how music integrates into their life.

User Interviews

I interviewed my diary study participants multiple times to better understand their motivations and have them provide me insights as I designed.


From this user research, I created a persona of an elementary school teacher. This is who I am designing for. 

Project Ideation

User Flow

I started ideating and created a user flow of what would become Classtable. I wanted to emphasize the separation of creating an activity and the classroom while also bringing it into the classroom.  


Motivational Tools

A streak, a quote of the day and badges are all tools to motivate you to pick up your instrument.

Reflection entries

Through simple reflection questions a user can keep track of their playing.

Data Tracking

See how your habits are changing and the progress you are making.

Next Steps

User testing has shown that there are areas in the application that can be improved.

I want to develop this idea further and actually create a fully functional app.

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